Each Catholic school must be an example of a living faith community. Catholic schools are called upon to make faith real in the world. Our School Advisory Council will work with the Pastor and Principal for the goof of the Parish School Community in the same way the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils work with the Pastor on behalf of the total Parish Community. We are committed to support the teachings of the Church on education and directives of our Bishop. With the many demands which are made on our Pastor and Principal today, assistance is necessary from a group of committed people who are willing to work for the good of our Catholic School and Parish. It is our hope that, with the help of God, we as the Advisory Council of St. Rose of Lima School can accomplish this task. 

ARTICLE I NAME OF INSTITUION The name of this organization shall be St. Rose of Lima School Advisory Council 

ARTICLE II PURPOSES AND FUNCTIONS The Council is established by the Pastor, in accordance with Diocesan policy. When the Council meets (Pastor, Principal, and members) agrees on the policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all. All policies formulated by the Council must be consistent with, and supportive of, the policies of the Diocesan Commissions for Schools. The members cannot act apart, nor can they make decisions binding on the Parish School without the approval of the Pastor and Principal. Except in extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the pastor, decisions will not be made by the Pastor and/or Principal in major policy matters until and unless the School Advisory Council has been canceled. Upon the appointment of a new Pastor to the parish, the council shall be suspended until further direction by the new Pastor or Diocesan representative. 

The areas in which the Council has the Council has responsibility and will be consulted regarding policy shall include, but not limited to, the following: 

1. Planning – Assist the administration in establishing a School Philosophy, mission statement 

2. Policy development and formation — Setting goals, objectives, and periodic evaluation thereof. 

3. Finance/Budget — Assist in the preparation of the annual budget, determination of tuition rates, collection of tuition, and negotiation of Parish subsidy. 

4. Curriculum — Ensure that curriculum is effective, current and in accordance with Diocesan and State of California guidelines. 

5. PTG Issues — Communications with the PTG Board regarding fund-raising goals and contributed services. 6. Review of Council Constitution — Annual review & this Constitution to ensure changes are made as deemed necessary. 

ARTICLE Ill MEMBERSHIP The membership of the St. Rose of Lima School Advisory council will consist of nine (9) members. General members will be made up of four (4) elected and two (2) appointed voting members. The ex officio members will consist of the Pastor, Principal and PTG President, all nonvoting, with the exception of the PTG President, who may vote in the case of a tie. Appointed members are selected by the Pastor and Principal. 

The terms of office will be as follows: 

GENERAL MEMBERS. 2 elected for a 3 year term 2 elected for a 2 year term 

APPOINTED MEMBERS: 1 appointed for a 3 year term 1 appointed for a 2 year term 

ARTICLE IV ELIGIBILITY, NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS All nominees must meet the following criteria: 

1 . Be a credible witness of the Catholic faith to the School community and beyond. 

2. Be a parent or guardian of students currently enrolled at St. Rose of Lima School or a member of the Parish with particular expertise or interest in an area suitable to the needs of the School Advisory Council. 

3. Be interested in and committed to Catholic elementary school education and in agreement with the school's philosophy and mission. 

4. Maintain high levels of honesty, integrity and confidentiality. 

5. Have the ability to be objective and free of personal, financial and/or operational interest in the School. 

6. Be able to act without bias toward faculty and other employees of the School. 

7. Have a willingness to support Council decisions even if the members does not fully agree. 

8. Be available and willing to attend meetings and to participate in committee work. 

Those ineligible: 

1. Paid employees of the School and the Parish are ineligible to be nominated, elected or appointed for the School Advisory Council due to a possible conflict of interest. 

2. Family members of paid employees of the School and the Parish are ineligible to be nominated, elected, or appointed for the School Advisory Council due to a possible conflict of interest. 

3. If a Council member should become a paid employee (or family member of a paid employee) of the School or Parish, that Council member shall be relieved of his/her duties and a replacement shall be appointed. 


1 . When nominations are taken for elected PTG Board positions, nominations will also be taken for the elected and appointed positions on the School Advisory Council. 

2. Members will be elected in conjunction with the PTG Board election prior to the final PTG General Membership meeting of the year. 

3. Appointed members may be selected from the list of nominees interested in sert/ing on the Council or from among other individuals who meet the nominee criteria in Article IV. These appointments will be made within thirty (30) days of the final PTG General Membership meeting of the school year. 

4. Elected and appointed members are limited to two (2) consecutive terms. However, after being off the Council for one year, they are eligible to seek membership again. 

5. A member of the Council who is absent from two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled Council meetings shall, unless excused by action of the Council, cease to be a member. The Pastor shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the school year. 

6. If a vacancy occurs because of employment, military obligation or personal reasons, the pastor shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the school year. At the next School Advisory Council election, a replacement shall be elected to complete the vacating member's term. 

ARTICLE V OFFICERS Officers will be elected by the Council and serve one year renewable terms. Their duties are those ordinarily performed by such officers. The officers of the School Advisory Council shall be as follows: 

1. Chairperson 

2. Vice-Chairperson 

3. Secretary Additional officers may be added as deemed necessary by the Council. 

ARTICLE VI MEETINGS The full Council meets three (3) times per School year unless special circumstances call for more frequent meetings. Standing committees will meet as needed. Four (4) voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any special or regular meeting. All Council meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order. St. Rose of Lima School parents may sign up to address the Council within the first half hour (or full hour if needed) of a meeting. Such parents must address the Council one at a time and must provide the topic in advance of the meeting so that it may be added to the agenda. Items present to the Council are for information only and not for immediate action. Within MIO weeks of the Council meeting, the Council will provide a written response to parents who addressed the Council in person as well as to parents who wrote letters for the Council's consideration. Other issues not on the agenda may be presented, subject to prior approval of the Chairperson. 

ARTICLE VII STANDING COMMITTEES Standing committees will be established on an as needed basis. Members of these committees will be nominated by the pastor and the principal. These committees may include individuals who are not Council members. 

ARTICLE VIII AMENDMENTS This Constitution may be amended or repealed in whole or in part by a vote of at least two-thirds of the total voting membership of the Council. The Amendment must have been presented in writing at a previous regular meeting of the Council. The Constitution is them given to the Pastor and Principal for final approval. 

Constitutional Amendment Dates: 

May 2006 

September 2012