About Us

St. Rose of Lima School is a parochial elementary school accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges located in Chula Vista. It serves students in grades K-8. St. Rose of Lima School opened in 1948 under the direction of the Benedictine Sisters. 

 St. Rose of Lima School is staffed by lay faculty members who work to share their rich faith-life with the students. In addition to nine classroom teachers, the staff includes a computer teacher, a science teacher, a music teacher, an art teacher, two physical education teachers/coaches, a resource teacher, a librarian, instructional aides, a Catholic Charities psychology intern, and extended day care personnel. 

 The School Advisory Council assists the pastor and principal in the policy formation and development of the school. The areas in which the Council has responsibility and is consulted regarding policy are planning, finance/budget, curriculum, staff evaluation and review, selection and evaluation of principal and Parent Teacher Group (PTG) issues. 

 The Parent Teacher Group provides active support for many facets of the school program. In addition to providing help during the school day, parents initiate and carry out a full calendar of fund-raising activities, which brings substantial income to the school. St. Rose of Lima School staff evaluates and revises curricular areas on a regular basis. A variety of up-to-date instructional techniques are employed to keep students personally involved in daily learning. 

 St. Rose of Lima School Community continues to evaluate its programs and services, to communicate with parents, students, and community members so that school and student growth are commensurate. 

 POLICY FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS MANUAL, formulated by the San Diego Diocese, establishes the policy parameters within which this school operates. A copy of this manual is always available in the school office. Copies may be purchased from the Diocesan Office for Schools. Policy numbers in this manual refer to the POLICY FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS MANUAL.