Application Process

APPLICATIONS are available from the school office beginning on the second Monday in January. 

Application Form 2022-2023

The following items must be presented with the application:

Pre-school evaluation form – Please submit if your child is attending pre-school or
Kindergarten report card
Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate
Immunization Record
A $45 application fee for kindergarten and grade one applicants (non-refundable) before February 15. After February 15, application fee will be $55.

Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate
First Communion Certificate for Grades 3-8
Immunization Record
Copy of most recent report card for grades 2-8. 
Standardized test scores
Those children wishing to enter kindergarten must be five years of age by September 1. 
Students wishing to enter grade one must be six years of age by September 1(Diocesan Policy).
The number of spaces in all grades, except for kindergarten and grade one, depend on an end of the year decrease in enrollment.
INTERVIEWS for new students for kindergarten and grade 1 applicants need to be scheduled with our school office personnel when submitting the application.  Incoming kindergarten and grade 1 applicants are evaluated for developmental readiness.  All interviewing is done on a one to one basis.
Students/parents applying for grades two through eight will be interviewed by the principal by appointment once all application documents have been received.

 ADMISSION to St. Rose of Lima School will be determined according to the following criteria:
 Priority 1:          Families with siblings already in attendance at St. Rose of Lima                   School.
 Priority 2:          Families who are registered and who actively support St. Rose of Lima Church and who regularly attend Mass as verified by the use of church envelopes and who submit their application/registration forms by the required dates.
Priority 3:          Families who are registered and who support Mater Dei Catholic Church in the Otay Ranch area.  Parish statement of active participation at Mater Dei must be submitted.  For further information call (619) 656-3735 or visit their web site at
Priority 4:          Transferring Catholic school students whose parish of residence is St. Rose of Lima.
Priority 5:          Students of families registered in parishes with no Catholic schools.
Priority 6:          Transferring parish students who previously attended public schools.
Priority 7:          Other students who by their behavior and attitude demonstrate an acceptance of the St. Rose of Lima School philosophy.
NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE for kindergarten and grade one will occur in
March.  Acceptance for grades 2-8 will occur after student interview and as soon as space is available.
ENROLLMENT ACCEPTANCE at St. Rose of Lima School commits each family to the following:

Continuance at St. Rose of Lima School is based on fulfillment of the above stipulations.  If there are problems meeting any of these requirements, prompt communication with the school is necessary.