The athletic program offered at St. Rose of Lima is a dynamic physical education program that challenges students while emphasizing motor development, physical fitness, team cooperation, and sportsmanship. The extracurricular sports program fosters friendship, provides leadership opportunities, and helps the students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition.

Uniforms and equipment:

Members of most teams are issued uniforms and protective equipment. At the end of each season, uniforms and equipment must be returned promptly and in good condition. Students must pay the replacement cost of lost items and cleaning bills for stains on uniforms that are not game-related. June report cards may be held until the above obligations are met.


At the beginning of each after-school sport season, the coaches will be requesting a nominal registration fee from each participating student ($60 per student per sport). This money is used to cover the costs of league fees, referees, field fees, upkeep of equipment and uniforms for that particular sport and banquet costs for participating students.

Permission Slips:

All students participating in after-school sports must have on file a permission slip signed by a parent.

Parents who volunteer to transport student athletes must submit a copy of their driver's license and insurance policy on file in the school office.


Practices during the regular sports season will normally be held two or three times per week from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. approximately. Except when excused due to illness or other legitimate reasons, attendance at practice sessions is a requirement for team membership. Students will have a 15 minute pick-up period after practice before being signed into Extended Day Care. Students are not to be engaged in any play activities on SRL grounds after school unless they are participating in a particular sport under the direct supervision of a coach or in the Extended Day Care Program. This is in compliance with the after school dismissal regulation that requires each student to either leave the grounds immediately if the student is walking, or wait quietly in the car pick-up area if the student is riding home by automobile. Students remaining on campus until a practice begins are not allowed to leave campus for any purpose.