Music Club Program

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This program rehearses once a week in school. Please review the dates for practices.

  • Music Club Schedule: 2nd & 4th Friday of the month at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This club is for Kinder - 8th grade students only and they must have their own instrument.
Jr. Music Club is a beginners class learning ukulele, guitar and cajon. These students must select an instrument to learn.
Varsity Music Club is for experienced musician. All musical instruments are welcomed. These students must be able to read music.

Academic Grades: grades must be C+ or higher every quarter. If they don't meet the progress report grade, they will be suspended from practices and performances until they raise their grades up.

Requirements: You must be able to play at an intermedite level on guitar, ukulele, percussion, drums, piano, violins or cello

Conduct Requirement: You must be able to listen at all times. Respect is very important in this group. We will enforce a three strike rule.

Main Attire for School Mass: Gray music club shirt and navy blue pants or school dress

Performance Opportunities:
Note: All members must bring their instruments (ukulele, guitar & cajon) for these performances.

  • Thursday assembly
  • School mass
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Advent-Christmas play
  • Open House
  • Recital

Parents interested in helping our students learn their instruments, I will teach you
Contact: Mr. Joseph Advento (


Chord Charts: Ukulele | Guitar | Bass guitar | Piano


Thursday Assembly: Must know how to play these songs: God Bless America (F, Bb, C) and SLES (G, D, C)

For Lent (duing our prayer): Lay it Down (C, Am, F, G) and Mighty to Save (C, G, Em, D)


Music you need to learn for School Mass:

For the first School Mass, just learn Forever, One Bread One Body & Just Like You

Note: Make sure you have your music sheet before you play with the video.

Forever: Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Alleluia (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Holy Holy (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

When we eat this bread (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Amen (Mass of the Joyful Heart): Music Sheet | Video (play along)

One Bread One Body : Music Sheet | Video (play along)

Just like you: Music Sheet | Video (play along)