What is Scrip?

Shop-to-Fundraise program with no additional expenses from what you already spend day to day and it brings money to St. Rose of Lima School

Scrip is not part of the PTG, so it does not fund its budget, but it brings money to the school

A committee of volunteers makes Scrip possible

We are responsible for purchasing $2,000 per family (per scholar year) through the school scrip program.

The program runs as follows:

    • Receipts from your purchase show “St. Rose of Lima” at the top of the receipt.
    • Send the receipt (or a copy) to the school office attached to a scrip form with your family name, phone number and total spent.
    • The scrip program committee will add the amount into your family account.
    • RALPH’S : As of September 1,2006, you must renew your Ralphs card yearly. For new cards, you have to link the card to the St. Rose of Lima account # 84530, at:
    • www.ralphs.com/services/community contribution/participant enroll
    • You MUST send your receipts to the school office, with your name and phone number attached to a scrip form. NOTE: Alcohol , cigars, and non-dairy products don’t enter in the program.
    • FOOD 4 LESS: Scrip program issues these cards. Please let us know if you shop at this store and we will provide a card for your use. IF YOU HAVE ONE, please link it online to Account # 1666.
  • SCRIP GIFT CARDS (reloads, online purchases)
    • St. Rose of Lima participates in a National scrip program (Scrip Lakes) which sell us gift cards that have already been activated (no activation fee) and they give us back a percentage of the sale.
    • Example : American Express card ($100 denomination) , you pay $100 to the school, you receive your card (free of activation fee charge) and the school receives 1% ($1) for the sale.
    • As explained, the scrip committee will add the $100 sale to your account.
    • The program has more than 300 participating stores, see glscrip.com for the whole list.

Please take a moment to review the following information regarding Scrip Programs. The Scrip Committee will meet each Tuesday at St. Rose ofLima Catholic School to process requests and update credits towards each family's accounts.

How to reload your card and/or buy online….

Video Tutorial:

To reload a card and still get the % back to the school, you have to:

  • Buy the initial gift card in the school office, through the scrip program
  • Search online if your card is reloadable… some are not.

Click here to start your Scrip OnLine