Each student of St. Rose of Lima School is expected to:


develop a strong religious and spiritual formation of conscience and character
have a basic knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church
learn the truths of the Catholic faith, put these truths into action and live according to Gospel teachings
respect life and all of God’s creation
make moral decisions according to Christian teaching and to live by these values
recognize the values of respect, honesty, integrity, and sense of personal responsibility
establish a personal prayer life
participate in the sacraments, liturgical celebrations and music, prayer services, retreats, scripture readings, and service projects
continue ongoing spiritual development and service to God


master the basic learning skills as defined by the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines
explore opportunities within the visual and performing art areas
apply technological resources to problem solving
demonstrate the ability to research, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate information
express ideas in a logical, coherent manner both in speech and writing
become self-motivated and learn to work independently and collaboratively
develop and apply critical thinking, processing, and reasoning skills


recognize the importance of his/her role in maintaining good health and a sound body through physical fitness and good nutrition
have a knowledge of and appreciation for a variety of physical activities
have opportunities to develop motor and kinesthetic skills by participation in personal fitness activities and team sports
demonstrate good sportsmanship
recognize the talents of others as gifts to the school community


set goals, establish priorities, make informed decisions, and follow through on them
exhibit self-confidence, motivation, and an interest in life-long learning
adapt to a changing environment and cope with stress in an appropriate manner
show respect for him/herself and others
understand social obligations and responsibilities
comprehend and use his/her own unique gifts and talents and appreciate those of others


demonstrate the habits of good citizenship and social responsibility
seek peaceful means of conflict resolution
adhere to family values of fidelity, loyalty, forgiveness, and thankfulness
exhibit tolerance of racial/social differences
be aware of global issues and the mission of the Church
assume roles of leadership
take measures to protect the environment

School Mission Statement

The mission of St. Rose of Lima School Community is to empower students to reach their spiritual, academic, social, and physical potential as they live their lives based on Catholic values.

School Philosophy

The St. Rose of Lima School Community believes in and is committed to:

  • working with parents "...who are first to communicate the faith to their children and to educate them"
  • fostering within our students the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church providing opportunities for students to pursue their spiritual, intellectual, psychological, physical and social development
  • helping students become strong members of family, church, civic, economic, and global communities
  • developing the skills necessary for students to cope with the challenges of daily life and to serve God and each other.

School-Wide Learning Expectations
(To be memorized by all students)


  • We are spirits of the Lord
  • We are happy to be learning
  • Our bodies and minds are healthy and growing
  • We are peaceful friends of all the world


A St Rose of Lima Student is a:

  • knowledgeable, prayerful, spirit-filled CATHOLIC
  • confident, competent, life-long LEARNER
  • articulate, effective, poised COMMUNICATOR
  • responsible, loyal, active, COMMUNITY MEMBER
  • accepting, responding, globally-aware STEWARD
  • who then becomes a grateful, hopeful, peace-loving CITIZEN